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What Marriage Care Counselling can offer You

Relationship Counselling

RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING is simply one way of helping people who, at a particular moment in their lives, find themselves in distress or in difficulty with those close to them. The difference between counselling and other forms of professional treatment or advice, is that it is the client, and not the counsellor, who is the expert.

The counselling relationship is special in that it is the client who has knowledge and it is the counsellor who must be a skilled and sensitive listener.
THE COUNSELLOR works at understanding what exactly has taken place, and the effect it has had on the client. The task of the counsellor is to help clients to explore how they would like things to be, and how to make their situation more manageable in the future. This usually means identifying clients' strengths and reviewing their existing support systems. It may also involve helping them set goals in order to acquire additional resources, should these seem necessary.

The Counselling Setting
IT IS MOST IMPORTANT that counsellors work within an atmosphere of absolute respect. This is to ensure that the counsellor/client relationship is conducted within strict professional boundaries. Being punctual is equally part of the counselling process.

AS A GENERAL RULE, counselling sessions last an hour and it is the responsibility of the counsellor to keep to time. If a client is late for an appointment, that is the clients responsibility, and the session will still end at the pre-arranged time. Where possible, clients are seen in the same room throughout the period of counselling, so that they feel safe and secure in a known environment.

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