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The National Organisation
MARRIAGE CARE is an organisational member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and its counsellors operate within a universal code of ethics and practice. ALTHOUGH the organisation is Catholic, the counselling service has no religious bias, and is offered free of charge, although donations are welcome where clients can afford it.

THE PARTICULAR EXPERTISE of Marriage Care is its focus on the couple relationship. Clients are welcomed either individually, or as a couple, but family counselling is not offered.

Marriage Care's counsellors are unpaid professionals who have undergone rigorous training and receive ongoing supervision and in-service training. This ensures that they are open to work on a non-judgmental basis with clients from all sections of the community.
MARRIAGE CARE'S services are available to the whole of the adult population, but the service is not equipped to deal with minors. The philosophy of Marriage Care is holistic, which means that it concentrates on the development of the whole person. In this way clients are enabled to express, and explore their feelings, whether they are of an emotional, intellectual, sexual or spiritual nature.

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