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Marriage Care Hallam

When you're pulling apart
Pulling Apart Marriage Care can help you pull together

MARRIAGE CARE HALLAM is an independent Registered Charity and part of the Marriage Care network of 64 centres located in and around major towns throughout England and Wales. The central office, based in London, provides a range of support services, the principle one being the careful selection and professional training of counsellors. Marriage Care Hallam is based in Sheffield. Partners and friends: www.eternityrose.co.uk | sheffield.ac.uk

A selection of client comments below are witness to the degree to which Marriage Care is perceived as an open, respectful and valuable contributor to marriage and the community.
'I had counselling before. However, this is the first time I have been able to work on so many different aspects of my life and make a real, lasting progress.'
'When I felt utterly alone in the world, I could remember I had one true friend.'
'The service has proved to be a lifeline for me. More available than NHS services and more affordable than the private sector.'
'I have nothing but the highest praise for the compassionate and non-judgmental way in which I was received.' Brenda Curtis
'Very impressed with the speed at which the appointment was first made and the courtesy shown by the appointments secretary.'
'I feel that our counsellor was absolutely invaluable, totally supportive. She helped me to see a light at the end of the tunnel.'
'Very professional, worthwhile organisation'

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